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Richard B. Schenkel

“It’s all about culture, service and culinary”


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Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year® 2011 New England Award Winners Announced | Business Wire
Business Wire Announces the 25th anniversary of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award winners including Richard Schenkel for his leadership and vision founding Unidine. 





Executive Profile: Richard Schenkel of Unidine Corp. – Boston Business Journal (
Learn more about Richard’s journey as the Founder and CEO of Unidine. The article outlines his background and vision.
Discover Richard’s insight and experience as the founder and CEO of Unidine throughout the years. He discusses the importance of building culture and developing the people around you. He talks about the struggles around food and dining during Covid and his vision for the future. “Find great people, develop those people and build a culture.”
Richard B. Schenkel

“It does not matter what industry you serve, as a leader you must harness the power of a strategic vision. Mine has always been to create a culture united in purpose, that highlights the most important ingredient for companies to have a successful recipe- people.”




Richard takes you behind the doors for a candid conversation with key industry leaders to learn about the complexities and challenges within the senior living, healthcare, behavioral health and corporate services throughout America. Listen Now

“Our fresh food pledge is not an option it is our promise”


Richard B. Schenkel

Mush No More: Retirement Home Food Gets Fresh And Local : The Salt : NPR
Discover how Unidine pioneered the revolution of quality food in retirement communities enhancing the dining experience for their clients. It delves into the history of how Richard began as a young child in the industry and what drives him to provide exceptional care to those in retirement communities.

Unidine Unveils Comprehensive Memory Care Nutrition Program (
This article discusses Unidine’s memory care dining program, Fresh Bites. Learn more about the innovative and responsive ways that Unidine listened to their client’s needs in order to support their patient’s health and well-being. “We heard from our senior living clients that weight loss and the inability to eat independently was often a catalyst for dementia disease progression.  So we began working on a solution that would increase nutritional intake and provide a more dignified approach to dining for memory care patients.”

Unidine Made From Scratch: Learn more about Unidine’s unwavering commitment and promise to provide culinary integrity and authentic food. This video discusses the importance of the Fresh Food Pledge and culinary driven menus. “where life is served fresh daily”.

Unidine The Race to be the Industry Leader: Learn more about the changing industry of Senior Living and how Unidine positioned themselves to meet those challenges and become an industry leader. “We’ve got to create environments that are enhancing, exciting and really captivate the consumer”

Unidine Culture and Training: Take a look inside the training program set up to promote the idea of culture and quality standards across all Unidine operated facilities in order to provide “Quality Execution, consistency, exceptional leadership on site and most importantly great teams that make it happen”

Richard B. Schenkel
“Together we have the power to create more value that we ever could separately”


Find out more about the vision behind combining 3 unique brands Unidine, Morrison Living and Core Works under Compass Community Living. Keeping Brand integrity and building a strong culture throughout 3 unique brands “Our mission is not to provide dining and support service to Senior Living and Healthcare clients- through our services we are helping our clients and our prospective clients to build their own brands and most importantly their reputation in the marketplace.”

Find out what Unidine was all about under Richard Schenkel’s leadership: Discover the core values that Unidine was built on and what drove their success. “Since 2001 Unidine has understood the tremendous value of culinary integrity and the appeal of unique dining experiences.”

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Learn more about the types of partnerships we form at Phoenix3 Holdings and join us for an interview with Michael Klong of Infuse Hospitality.

Edition 2: August 2023: LAUNCH OF PHOENIX3 HOLDINGS

Phoenix3 Holdings is a strategic growth partner that accelerates distributive and lifestyle service companies in the senior living, healthcare or corporate markets. 

Edition 1: June 2023: ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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